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Glemad CRM

Your easiest-to-use, all-in-one business operating system, Glemad CRM, streamlines your operations to increase output and encourage growth.
Glemad Cloud

Glemad Cloud

Your personalized cloud computing experience. Unlock computing power, object storage, and containerized apps for enhanced performance.


AI powers the most user-friendly cloud-based platform for email marketing automation, allowing you to streamline your campaigns and maximize your reach.

Glemad 360

Empower your team's remote work experience with a suite of powerful tools, including Glemad Drive, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Word, Spreadsheets, Presentations.

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  • 5000+ Active Users Globally
  • 100+ Experienced Professionals Worldwide
  • 20+ Cloud-based AI Powered Products
  • 35+Countries Served Globally
  • 5+Years Actively in Business
  • 15000 + Employee training conducted worldwide.

for Busineses

Glemad 360

Glemad 360 Mail

Experience reliability and scalability, empowering your team to stay connected and productive from anywhere. Elevate your email experience with Glemad 360.
Glemad PC

Enhanced Performance, Designed Just for You

Introducing Playbook, unparalleled power, cutting-edge tech, and sleek design, perfect for gamers.
Free Booking

Glemad Booking

A professional appointment scheduling tool that simplifies booking management, ensuring smooth and organized operations.
Help Desk System

Glemad Desk

A comprehensive helpdesk solution that optimizes customer support and enhances service efficiency for your business.
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Custom software development services for startups in London

The core values and principles that drive us


Glemad upholds a commitment to excellence by continuously striving for the highest standards in all aspects of its operations, delivering exceptional quality and performance.


Glemad operates with unwavering integrity, adhering to ethical principles and maintaining transparency and honesty in its dealings with customers, partners, and stakeholders.


We fosters a culture of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries and developing pioneering solutions to meet evolving technological challenges and deliver cutting-edge products and services.


Glemad prioritizes its customers, placing their needs and satisfaction at the forefront of its business strategies, ensuring personalized and exceptional experiences.

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IT Services and Digital Transformation Company

Custom software development services for startups in Nigeria

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