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If you’re looking to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, adopting accelerators is key to evolving your way of working. Digital operating models are all about efficiency, agility, and speed, and accelerators can help you achieve these goals.

Accelerators come in many forms, from tools and platforms to methodologies and frameworks. They can help streamline processes, automate tasks, and optimize workflows. By incorporating accelerators into your digital operating model, you can increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of your output.

One popular accelerator is agile methodology, which emphasizes iterative development, collaboration, and adaptability. By breaking down work into smaller, more manageable chunks and constantly iterating based on feedback, agile teams can deliver products and services faster and with greater precision.


At Glemad, we partner with industry leaders who are always looking ahead to the next experience, innovation, and possibility. It’s not just about chasing the next big thing – it’s about anticipating what’s next and being ready for it.

Our approach is to work closely with our clients to create holistic solutions that can evolve and adapt to address emerging challenges in their industry. We don’t settle for band-aid fixes; instead, we take a comprehensive view of their transformation journey, identifying allied and adjacent problems worth solving along the way.

Whether it’s through a partnership to craft a new user experience, modernizing core systems, or prototyping a cutting-edge digital offering, we help our clients navigate their transformation journey with purpose. By taking a holistic view of their challenges and opportunities, we empower them to move forward confidently, knowing that they’re well-equipped to face whatever comes next.


Truly digital businesses know that the agile approach must be implemented enterprise-wide. However, many enterprises struggle with scaling agile methodologies, which can compromise their agility. Our goal is to help our clients adopt agile approaches with governance that ensures that software manages frequent decision-making. This allows our clients to scale agile and maintain their agility, even as they grow exponentially.

We work with our clients to accelerate their digital journey by enabling them to adopt agile and DevOps across the enterprise. We help them embrace agile ways of working, including training and reskilling their workforce. Our lean-based value stream models help visualize and accelerate throughput across the business value chain. We also offer customized agile methodologies to address the needs of complex enterprise technology landscapes.


In today’s fast-paced business world, time and space are critical factors in bridging the gap between problem-finding and solution-building. On-demand, in-person collaboration is often the key to accelerating outcomes, and we’re fully equipped to deliver at scale and speed on the transformation blueprints that we design.

At Glemad, we’ve strategically established fail-fast-learn-faster agile co-creation environments for digital transformation in the regions where we have our deepest client clusters. These environments bring the advantages of on-demand, in-person collaboration to our client engagements, helping to accelerate enterprise-wide digital outcomes.


Our framework is designed to empower people to act at an unprecedented scale and scope. To achieve this, we focus on bringing extreme automation to the landscapes in which our clients operate. Our understanding of their apps, data, infrastructure, and business priorities enables us to automate their operations, making them more efficient and effective.

Our team is trained to help businesses not only fulfill their automation needs but also identify new opportunities for intelligent automation. We use machine learning and analytics to take proactive action, ensuring that our clients are always ahead of the curve.

One of the key features of our automation solution is self-healing and self-learning capabilities that fix inefficiencies end-to-end. This improves productivity by up to 10x times, saving time and resources while taking routine tasks off human hands. This enables our clients to focus on activities that are better performed by humans, allowing them to use their time and resources more effectively.

Our automation services leverage Glemad X, our intelligent automation platform, and other automation solutions, to drive this agenda for our clients. By providing cutting-edge automation services, we’re helping our clients achieve their automation goals while staying ahead of the competition.


At Glemad, we specialize in setting up a ‘Digital Brain’ for enterprises, which is crucial in helping our clients leverage data collected from various sources. We use knowledge graphs to connect silos and encode intelligence, allowing our clients to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Our commitment to digital transformation goes beyond just setting up a ‘Digital Brain.’ We recognize the importance of reskilling our workforce for the digital age. To this end, we’ve built upon our legacy as a learning organization and have evolved our strategy to include new digital platforms like Glemad Lab. Our ‘learn by doing’ approach is put into practice at our delivery centers and hubs, where our team members are able to leverage emerging technology capabilities, demos, and best-in-class solutions incubated at Glemad globally.

To further support our workforce, we have established digital studios, maker spaces, and solution experience facilities. We’ve also formed global learning partnerships with academia and educational institutions to continuously amplify our workforce and the work they deliver for our clients. With our commitment to reskilling our workforce and providing them with cutting-edge tools and resources, we are better equipped to help our clients navigate the complex digital landscape.

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