Trademark Policy

Glemad Plc is a pioneering provider of next-generation digital transformation services and consulting. We value our brand and the goodwill that it represents. To protect our brand and the trust that our clients have in us, we have developed this trademark policy.

Ownership of Glemad Trademarks

The trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, and other branding materials used by Glemad Plc (the “Glemad Trademarks”) are valuable assets of the company. Glemad Plc owns all rights, title, and interest in the Glemad Trademarks.

Use of Glemad Trademarks

Glemad Plc permits the use of its trademarks only by authorized parties, which include employees, partners, and vendors. Authorized parties may use the Glemad Trademarks in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this policy and any written agreements between Glemad Plc and the authorized party.

Unauthorized Use of Glemad Trademarks

Unauthorized use of the Glemad Trademarks is strictly prohibited. The following uses are examples of unauthorized uses of the Glemad Trademarks:

  • Any use of the Glemad Trademarks that creates confusion with Glemad Plc or its products and services
  • Any use of the Glemad Trademarks that suggests that Glemad Plc endorses or sponsors a third-party product or service
  • Any use of the Glemad Trademarks that is false or misleading in any way

Enforcement of Glemad Trademarks

Glemad Plc will take appropriate action to protect its trademarks, including but not limited to legal action, when necessary. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of the Glemad Trademarks, please contact us immediately at


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