Payment Policy

At Glemad, we accept payments for our services through various payment channels, such as bank transfers, credit cards, and online payment platforms. To initiate a payment, our clients must provide us with a purchase order or a signed agreement that outlines the scope of work and the payment terms.

Once we receive payment, we will commence work on the project as agreed upon in the purchase order or agreement. We reserve the right to suspend work on a project if the client fails to make the agreed payments on time. We also reserve the right to charge late fees and interest on overdue payments.

Subscription Service Renewal Policy:

Invoices for subscription renewals will be sent to customers via email one week before the subscription expiration date. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the invoice is paid on time to avoid any interruptions to their subscription.

If a subscription service invoice remains overdue without renewal after the expiration date, the subscription service will be suspended after five working days of overdue. This means that the customer will not have access to our subscription services until the invoice is paid in full and the subscription is renewed.

Additionally, a 5% late fee will be incurred for renewal payments made after the expiration date. This late fee will be added to the total amount due on the invoice.

Refund Policy:

We understand that there may be circumstances where our clients may need to request a refund for services already paid for. As a policy, Glemad does not offer refunds after payment has been made. However, we may consider refunds in the following situations:

  1. Inability to provide services: If we are unable to provide the services agreed upon due to circumstances outside our control, such as a natural disaster or other force majeure event, we may offer a refund or reschedule the project to a mutually agreed date.

  2. Service quality: If our services do not meet the quality standards agreed upon in the purchase order or agreement, we may offer a partial refund or redo the work at no extra cost to the client.

  3. Cancellation by client: If the client cancels the project before work has commenced, we may offer a full or partial refund depending on the stage of the project.

To request a refund, the client must submit a written request to our customer support team, outlining the reasons for the refund request. We will review the request and make a decision within 14 business days. If the refund is approved, we will process it within 30 days of the approval date.

Please note that any fees charged by payment processors, banks, or other financial institutions are non-refundable, and the client is responsible for any such charges.

We reserve the right to modify this payment and refund policy at any time without prior notice.

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