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Glemad is a trusted supplier of the latest IT equipment. We supply businesses and organisations of all sizes with the hardware they need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Glemad is a trusted partner of leading global manufacturers of IT equipment, providing essential hardware and solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout the Nigeria and United Kingdom. We offer an extensive range of new and refurbished systems, components and peripherals – with something to suit every budget and requirement. Our reliable and cost-effective solutions include servers, controllers, enclosures, data storage, network cards, media, redundancy options, remote insight boards, host bus adapters and spares. We work with all key business sectors including finance, manufacturing, retail, services and public sector organisations. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, our team of experts provide a wealth of knowledge and support to help you find the best IT solution for your business.

Cost Effective Delivery

Global Network

We have developed relationships with a variety of freight forwarders and couriers over time, each of whom excel in different areas and have experience dealing with specific countries in Africa. This allows us to use the most efficient method to get your shipment to you, whether it be via air or sea freight. Air freight delivery times are typically 2-3 days to arrive in the country, but for very urgent items, we can use our fastest courier service for door-to-door delivery within 24 hours of leaving the UK.

Cost Effective Shipping

For heavier items, we will use the most efficient and cost-effective method of transport available to get the best possible price on shipping. We can deliver to any airport, and we’ll email you copies of all the paperwork required for customs clearance. We’ve never had a consignment that didn’t reach its destination satisfactorily.

We pride ourselves on being both reliable and trustworthy.

Our efficient supply chain allows us to offer very competitive pricing. We are committed to responding quickly to requests for quotes and will work with you to ensure you receive the best possible price.

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