Glemad Goes Public

Glemad LTD is pleased to announce its transformation into a public limited company (PLC) and its entry into the public markets. The company, which was founded in 2020, has experienced significant growth and success in recent years and is now ready to take the next step in its development.

As a PLC, Glemad will be able to tap into the capital markets and raise funds from a wider range of investors. This will enable the company to accelerate its growth, invest in new technologies, and expand into new markets.

“This is a proud moment for Glemad and its shareholders,” said David Idris CEO of Glemad. “Going public as a PLC is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees and the strength of our business. We are confident that this move will enable us to continue to grow and deliver value to our shareholders.”

The shares of Glemad will be traded on the NSE and NYSE under the ticker symbol GLEM. The company is committed to transparency and strong corporate governance and will be subject to the regulations and requirements of the public markets.

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About Glemad

Glemad is a Nigerian corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a range of software products and services.

Glemad focuses on digital transformation, consulting, and software development to help businesses inspire solutions, implement change, and build world-class products. The company markets and distributes its products through original equipment manufacturers, distributors, and resellers, as well as online.

 Glemad is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Contact: Rosie Obioma, Sectary Glemad Plc,