business leader

David Idris

Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

David Idris is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse range of skills and experience. As a global business leader, he has earned a reputation for his ability to captivate and engage audiences with his insightful and thought-provoking presentations. He is also a senior cloud solution architect and software engineer, with a wealth of technical expertise that enables him to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

As the founder and group CEO of Glemad Inc., David has demonstrated an exceptional ability to transform startups into thriving businesses. Since the company’s inception in 2020, he has overseen uninterrupted commercial revenue growth, thanks to his close partnerships with customers that are driving business outcomes through digital transformation.

David is also a respected leader, who is known for his ability to inspire and motivate teams to achieve their full potential. He is a champion of democratizing and scaling digital experiences across organizations, from the boardroom to the factory floor. His work with business owners and C-level executives has enabled them to leverage the latest technologies to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and drive growth.

With his exceptional track record of success and his deep understanding of the business landscape, David Idris is a true visionary and a valuable asset to any organization. He is a leader who can guide companies through the challenges of digital transformation, and his insights and expertise are highly sought after by business leaders around the world.