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The cybersecurity services offered by Glemad are designed to assess and improve the protection of applications and networks. Glemad provides comprehensive information security services, from IT security consulting to pentesting, to help reduce risks and minimize the consequences of cyberattacks.

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Cybersecurity Services by Glemad

Glemad’s cyber security experts have rich experience in the field of information security, vulnerability management and digital forensics. Glemad is dedicated to providing personalized cybersecurity services that fit your business needs best.

Application security

Security assessment and planning

Network protection

Utilize Advanced Security Experts to run securely like a pro.

Glemad is the leading cybersecurity service that provides businesses with the protection they need to keep their data safe.

Assessment and Planning for Security

Glemad provides in-depth security assessment and planning services for all aspects of IT infrastructures:


Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Management

Glemad can help you assess and manage risks in your organization by conducting a risk assessment based on ISO 27001 methodology. Detailed recommendations for risk treatment are provided for each identified threat, including various operational, technological and organizational control measures.

IT infrastructure and component security testing

Glemad also identifies vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, which you can then fix promptly before they are exploited by hackers or malware. The majority of breaches usually happen due to exploitation of unpatched known vulnerabilities, so this proactive approach to cybersecurity greatly enhances the security posture of any business.

Stress testing involves simulating DDoS / DoS attacks.

With up-to-date network monitoring tools Glemad protects crucial systems that contain sensitive data against known threats targeting them constantly through the Internet or internal networks, keeping them safe under all circumstances..

Transparent and consistent reporting:

Assessments of regulatory compliance.

User training materials for self-service:

Partnerships and recognitions

Proactive cybersecurity services delivered on time and within budget

Glemad provides extensive cybersecurity services to keep your business safe from online dangers.

Glemad Mode of Operation

One-time services

When learning about the customer's IT environment and the specific area they want to protect, our security testing team will research and understand all of the details, like what software is installed on devices in the network. Then, our security engineers will provide the appropriate cybersecurity services and create a report of the results.

Managed IT services

Glemad's managed IT services include remote security monitoring and maintenance to keep our customers technologically advanced and safe. We offer LAN and VPN integration and security, IDS/IPS and firewall protection, and anti-virus software.

Managed services

At Glemad, we excel in providing specialized managed services, such as managed vulnerability assessment, managed email security, and managed cloud security. We take the time to get to know your IT infrastructure during our first project together, and use that information to provide you with an assessment, test, or improvement of your security level. By including the appropriate services in your list of regular tasks, you can be sure that your IT infrastructure protection won't decrease.

Our Clients Love Us.

Glemad was named the Best IT Consulting Company in West Africa for the Year 2022 by the Africa Excellence Awards.

Glemad is one of the companies with the highest compound growth rate. This accomplishment is the result of our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality IT services and identifying the best-value solutions for our clients’ needs.

Hire experts to deploy and maintain your security infrastructure

We’re prepared to:

Plan your new wesite to have the best TCO and deliver measurable business results.
Deliver new website that is high-quality and with a shorter cycle time.
Support your present website to keep it highly available, trustworthy, and pertinent to your company’s ongoing and future business demands.


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