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Website Redevelopment for SCSP Nigeria Limited


SCSP Nigeria Limited, a leading player in the safety solutions and engineering industry, approached Glemad Inc. with an outdated website that failed to reflect their evolving business and effectively communicate their services to their target audience. Their website lacked modern design, user-friendliness, and compelling content.

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The Chalange

  1. Inefficient Internal Systems: The client’s internal systems were not integrated, leading to data duplication and inefficiencies.
  2. Manual Processes: Many tasks were being performed manually, consuming valuable time and resources.
  3. Lack of Data Visibility: SCSP Nigeria Limited lacked real-time data visibility, hindering decision-making.

What did
Glemad do

Glemad Inc. undertook the following steps to address these challenges:

    1. Systems Integration: We implemented an integrated software solution that connected various internal systems, streamlining data flow and reducing duplication.

    2. Process Automation: We identified manual tasks and automated them where possible, optimizing efficiency and reducing human errors.

    3. Data Analytics: We introduced data analytics tools to provide real-time insights, allowing SCSP Nigeria Limited to make data-driven decisions.

The Results

  • Operational efficiency improved by 40% as a result of systems integration and process automation.
  • Employee productivity increased by 25% due to reduced manual tasks.
  • Real-time data visibility enabled SCSP Nigeria Limited to respond swiftly to market changes and make informed decisions.

These case studies illustrate Glemad Inc.’s successful collaborations with SCSP Nigeria Limited in website redevelopment and internal system structuring, ultimately leading to improved online presence and operational efficiency for the client.

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