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about payflex

Payflex is a leading provider of payment solutions that empower individuals and businesses in their everyday transactions. As a multinational organization, Payflex operates a diverse portfolio of brands within the e-cash, payments processing, and digital wallets sectors. With a customer base exceeding 145 million, we cater to customers of all sizes and scales, offering them seamless and secure payment experiences.

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The Chalange

After experiencing rapid growth through acquisitions, Payflex recognized the need to streamline their operations and improve efficiency at an enterprise level. To begin this process, they prioritized enhancing their customer services, merchant operations, and risk and compliance functions.

The expansion of Payflex had led to inconsistencies and a lack of standardized processes across their acquired brands. The presence of numerous manual and non-transparent procedures became a focal point for Payflex’s improvement efforts.

Furthermore, with the industry facing increasing regulations and compliance requirements, Payflex aimed to proactively adapt to these changes while upholding their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and maintaining their agile approach, which is deeply ingrained in their company culture.

What did
Glemad do

The partnership between Payflex and Glemad is a natural fit, driven by our shared recognition of the immense power that comes from combining scale and global reach with flexibility and agility. Since November 2021, Glemad has been actively collaborating with Payflex in two critical workstreams: Automation Delivery and Mobile Chatbot Migration, providing support to the Payflex Automation365 team, which specializes in Cognitive and Robotic Automation.

In the realm of Automation Delivery, Glemad is actively engaged with the Payflex Automation365 team to identify, design, build, test, and deploy automated solutions using UiPath Automation Software. Our collaborative efforts have already resulted in the successful delivery of 23 automations across three vital business functions: Merchant Services, Consumer Services, and Risk. Through our expertise and dedication, we are driving efficiency and streamlining operations within these key areas.

Additionally, Glemad has taken the lead in the Mobile Chatbot Migration initiative. Our team spearheaded the migration of chatbots from a web browser platform to mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. This transition ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers engaging with Payflex through mobile devices. Furthermore, we have implemented an intermediate communication layer, facilitating a smooth handoff between chatbot interactions and live agent support. This integration enables Payflex to win new deals and provide exceptional support to its customers.

Through our partnership, Payflex and Glemad are paving the way for enhanced automation and improved customer experiences. We are proud to contribute our expertise in automation and mobile platform migration, enabling Payflex to stay at the forefront of technological advancements while meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Together, Payflex and Glemad are setting new standards for collaboration, innovation, and customer-centricity. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership and driving transformative results for both companies.

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