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We strive to engage people who are passionate about what we do at Glemad. We teach people to have a career not just a job and we believe that success is a by-product of genuine love for what we do.
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As a leader in the field of human development, One Culture offers mentorship programs that help people grow into successful professionals. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and welcome diversity. We are one culture, one company.

With so many people working together, we knew it was important to foster an environment of cooperation and camaraderie. That is why we created One Culture, One People, One Company. It’s our mission statement to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and value.

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Join us in our mission of making life simpler, more convenient and more efficient for everyone.

We are looking for a dynamic, self-motivated individual who is looking to work in a fast paced and ever changing environment to join our team.

If you are looking for a rewarding career, consider joining our team. We offer excellent benefits and opportunities to advance your career.

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Organisational Values

We value our employees and their contributions to the success of our organization. We believe in encouraging them, recognizing them for a job well done, and rewarding them. Our core values position us as leaders who set the bar high and provide a stimulating environment for growth opportunities.

When it comes to corporate culture, we take it very seriously. We take proactive steps to make sure our employees understand and live by our core values. Our corporate culture is defined by our core values, which encourage our people to be the best in their field.

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Where do you fit?

We are always on the lookout for talented, energetic people who are keen to make a difference. Whatever your background or level of experience, if you have an appetite for innovation and can demonstrate the drive to make things happen, your home is here.

Glemad has opportunities for all types of professionals. We offer flexible hours and work from home opportunities, as well as training to help you reach your goals. From entry level positions to managerial roles, we have job openings that will fit your skill set.

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Find out how working for a large globally recognized technology company like Glemad will transform your career.

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Six Benefit of Working With Glemad

Global Partnership Advantage

Global Partnership Advantage

Glemad has an extensive partnership network that consists of a number of leading global IT companies, giving our employees a unique opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry, acquire valuable skills and enrich their reference lists.

Building a Stable Career

Building a Stable Career

Glemad has grown into a global leader in IT solutions, business and software engineering. With over 100 clients from 5+ countries worldwide, Glemad has a secure and budding future and so do its loyal employees.

Expert Collaboration

Expert Collaboration

At Glemad, you have the opportunity to work in teams with people of different backgrounds and ideas. As our network of offices extends globally, employees frequently work on cross-border projects and as part of interdisciplinary teams helping them develop advanced communication and collaboration skills.

Team work Experience

Team work Experience

The spirit of collaboration is at the core of Glemad's values. Teamwork is reinforced through regular staff meetings, instructional materials, employee surveys, company celebrations, teambuilding trips and other motivational activities, all designed to facilitate a productive and open-minded work environment.

Capacity Development

Capacity Development

Glemad provides a rewarding work environment that stimulates creativity, innovation and growth. Employees are encouraged to develop personally and professionally through mentorship programs and regular job-related trainings and certification programs, organized both in-house and in cooperation with external partners.

Endless Career Opportunities

Endless Career Opportunities

At Glemad, you can choose to carve out your career path in the direction you want. The majority of our senior management rose through the ranks, with some individuals starting out as entry level employees and advancing to C-level positions. The company values hard work and initiative, rewarding those employees who exhibit excellence.