Starting with $100 startup capital, our company has experienced tremendous growth and success.

At Glemad, our story is one of vision, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Founded in 2020 by David Idris and a dedicated team of three engineers in Abuja, Nigeria. 

With a startup capital of $100, Glemad had a vision for exceptional digital transformation services and software engineering solutions. From a small software products reseller in Nigeria, we swiftly emerged as a market leader across Africa, Europe, London and United State. Our expertise helped non-IT companies enhance performance, attract customers, and achieve business growth.

Driven by unwavering dedication to quality and exceptional service, our achievements have been remarkable. Glemad was honored to be recognized by Corporate Vision and listed among “Africa’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2022″ and Global Business Award 2023” alongside esteemed names like the Financial Times, Africa Prestige Award and MEA Market.

As our reputation soared, we expanded operations and formed strategic partnerships with over seven businesses, assembling a team of over 300 experts. This enabled us to provide comprehensive development and infrastructure solutions for midsized and large organizations.

Over the years, our commitment to excellence has remained unwavering, propelling us to explore new frontiers in the tech industry. We firmly believe that with the right team, innovative ideas, and a passion for success, anything is achievable. Glemad looks forward to a bright and promising future.



Moved the main offices to Lagos, Nigeria, while transitioning Glemad into a U.S.-based corporation, setting up operations in Wyoming, United States.


Introducing Glemad Cloud: a streamlined cloud computing platform operating from eight strategically located data centers worldwide.


Transitioning into a company limited by shares. Launched its first flagship product, SmartEdu (A Dynamic School management system). The team experienced exponential growth, reaching a formidable workforce of twenty members.


Glemad is established in 2020 with an initial capital of US$100 in Abuja, Nigeria, by David Idris and a committed team of three engineers. Signup its first client, Royalsvile Academy in Abuja.

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At Glemad, we understand the significance of work, but we also value the importance of play! We hold deep respect for all our partnerships and strive to engage in enjoyable ways that not only address critical problems but also leave a smile on your face.

Passion for our work and assisting our clients is at the core of our being. We firmly believe that life is too short to not relish every moment.

We extend a warm invitation for you to be part of this extraordinary odyssey as we push the boundaries of what is achievable in the world of technology. Together, we will forge a brighter and more interconnected future, one innovation at a time.