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Our mission is to empower people and organizations in the global economy to achieve growth. We enable our clients in becoming the next best versions of themselves.

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About Glemad – Global IT Company

Glemad was established in 2020 as a provider of IT consulting and software development services. We started out as a small software product company, and we have since helped non-IT organisations and software product companies improve their business performance and quickly gain new customers. We are continuing to grow – Glemad Limited is listed among The Africa’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2022 by Corporatevision, Financial Times and MEA Market. Furthermore, we have a partner network of seven companies with a total of 100+ employees. This, along with our strong technological expertise, allows us to cover all development and infrastructure needs of midsized and large organisations. 

Our Geography

Our team drives digital transformation for businesses globally, with a headquarters in Nigeria and international operations. We focus on providing services to our major target markets in:




Glemad's Highlights


  • David Idris entered 2022 List of Top African Innovators by The Entrepreneur Africa Report.
  • Glemad was selected for 2022 Best IT Consulting and Business Development Company in West Africa List produced by The Corporate Vision Award.
  • The Financial Times Nominated Glemad Limited among Africa’ Fastest Growing Companies 2022.
  • Glemad won the African Excellence Award of the Year from MEA Markets.
  • Glemad was recognized as a Top Software Development Company by Clutch 2022.

Whom We Serve

Non-IT enterprises

Our services help businesses improve performance, optimize revenue streams and customer service, and embrace digital transformation.

Software product companies

We offer top-notch marketing services to help bring new products to the market and win customers fast.

Partnerships and recognitions

Success Story

Glemad helps Kiss Beauty Aesthetics a Beauty Clinic in London in overcoming its non-surgical treatment appointment booking challenge with a modern cloud booking application built on Glemad Cloud that enables seamless scheduling with multiple payment integration.

Our Service Map

IT consulting

Software development

Website Development

Application services

Infrastructure services

Help Desk /Cyber Security services

David S. Idris, CEO

We at Glemad are committed to creating tailored technology solutions and strategy that will aid companies in achieving their objectives, because we believed that innovation is essential to maximizing an organization’s potential. Additionally, so that clients can concentrate on what they do best, our team of experts offer support and direction whenever needed. Since we are aware that no two businesses are the same, Glemad adopts a tailored strategy to offer  solutions that are particularly suited to each client’s requirements.

Why Customers Choose Glemad?

Considering your financial constraints

At Glemad, we take into account your financial capacity and collaborate to deliver the best and most trustworthy solution within your budget, without compromising on quality or dependability.

Taking the deadlines seriously

We work and deliver on time as promised. Organizing delivery time to meet the objectives. prompt disclosure of delay hazards.

Transparent service backed by consistent reports

We keep track of and analyze project progress. Our cooperation with you is completely transparent, we guarantee it. While attempting to accomplish the project's objectives, we promptly communicate any changes that may occur.

Maintaining a culture of improvement

When it comes to implementing new features, making changes, and pursuing potential competitive advantages, we are proactive. We are only a few clicks away.

Our Simple Pricing Model

Fixed Price

Suitable for: Feasibility studies, proof-of-concept projects, and small software development initiatives with precise and reliable needs.
You pay the amount stipulated in the contract.

Fixed monthly fee

We establish the hourly pricing for app support tasks at the beginning of the collaboration. You pay for a number of hours that we spent offering application assistance after the service is rendered.

Per-Ticket Pricing

We establish the ticket price at the outset of our collaboration, and you are billed in accordance with the number of occurrences we handle each month.

Time & Material Pricing

It works best for advisory tasks (such as business analysis, architecture design, project planning, etc.), agile software development and deployment, and the evolution of current software (introducing substantial changes or adding new functionality).

Get Professionals to Create and/or Support Your Software

We’re prepared to:

  • Plan your new software to have the best TCO and deliver measurable business results.
  • Deliver new software that is high-quality and with a shorter cycle time.
  • Support your present software to keep it highly available, trustworthy, and pertinent to your company’s ongoing and future business demands.


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